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SLD The SLD is the second level domain. For example, in "", "myname" is the SLD. If you are creating a new name, fill-in the field provided under "SLD" with only the SLD part of your name. Do not include the ".". The name can have any character ("a" to "z"), any number ("0" to "9 "), the minus ("-") sign, and the underscore ("_") in the name. Spaces are not allowed.
TLD The TLD is the top level domain. For example, in "", "com" is the TLD. If you are creating a new name, fill-in the field provided under "TLD" with the TLD part of your name. Do not include the ".". The name can have any character ("a" to "z"), any number ("0" to "9 "), the minus ("-") sign, and the underscore ("_") in the name. Spaces are not allowed.
Address This table associates a name with an address. You can associate any name with any Address. The address is either a numerical designator assigned to a computer on the network, or the host and domain of a machine, or a URL. None can be greater than 58 characters total (if you need more space, for a URL for example, please let us know)

If you want the record to point an IP address, you must select either a record type of "Address (A)" or a record type of "Mail (MX)". You must also use the form The first and fourth xxx are numbers between 1 and 254. The second and third xxx are numbers between 0 and 254. An example of an IP address is: "". If you are creating a new name, we have already filled-in the "www" host address with a default IP address that will display a web page that you can use to make sure the name is being properly delegated by our servers. This default web page address is "". You are not required to use this IP address, and in fact, you will probably want to use your own as soon as you can. FYI, some other IP address are: (Netscape, (Microsoft (Yahoo

If you use a host and domain combination, you must select the record type of "Alias (CNAME)". You must also use the format "".

If you want the record to be forwarded to a URL you must select "URL" from the drop-down menu and enter a valid URL into the "Address" box.

If you do not enter a valid name, URL or IP, then that host record (name & address pair) will not be added to the DNS or our database.
Record type We allow five types of address records to be added to our DNS servers. They are as follows:
  • A (Address) Using this type of record allows you to associate a host with an IP address. The IP address that you use does not have to be on your network. For example, you could have the host record for www point to (the address for the Microsoft web site).

  • MXE (Mail Easy) Using a mail record allows you to specify the address of your mail server. When you use a mail record, you must use an IP address in the address field. (Experts: Creating a mail record actually creates both the MX and the A record in DNS. Also, when using multiple mail servers, a preference value of 10 is used on all entries).

  • MX (Mail) Can be either a host name under this domain name (for example, "mail3") or the name of a mail server (for example, ""). NOTE: When using a mail server name, it should end with a period ".". (If you forget the period and we recognize the TLD, we will automatically insert one.).

  • CNAME (Alias) An alias record type is used to associate a host name with another host. The host that you wish to point to does not have to be on your network. For example, you could have the host record for www point to You can also simply use an "@" to represent your domain. Important:When you use a domain in the address field you must add a trailing period ("."). Unless you do so the name server will add your domain to the end of the domain given.

  • URL Redirect URL Redirect is the standard method for URL Forwarding. When the client types in your domain name they are redirected to the web server that your page is hosted on. The only drawback of this method is as the person is looking around the site the URL that is displayed by the browser is the one of the actual web page, not your domain name. If this is a problem you can use the URL Frame method.

  • URL Frame URL Frame is similar to URL Redirect except that instead of redirecting the client to your web page, the web page is displayed in a frame from our web server. With this method the client's browser will display your domain name (for example: while they are using your site and not the actual URL to your page (for example:").
    Note: If you use this method of forwarding, you will want to put the 'target="_top"' attribute into any links you have that leave your page.
If we receive requests for a record type that is not listed we will consider adding it. We would, however, prefer to keep things as simple as we can in order to eliminate possible confusion.
E-Mail Forwarding The E-Mail Forwarding section allows you to create e-mail addresses with your domain name. For example, if your domain name was "", you could create the e-mail address "". Note: if you are using e-mail forwarding do not add your own MX record, it will add one for you.
  • User This is the first part of the e-mail address you want to create. For the address "", you would put "info" into the blank in the user column.
  • Domain This displays the second part of the e-mail address, this is your domain name. The "User" and "Domain" columns make up the full e-mail address.
  • Forward To This is the e-mail address that you want all the mail coming to the account you just created to be forwarded to. This needs to be a complete, valid e-mail address. It could be an e-mail account you already have from an ISP or a free e-mail account, etc.
Add Use this button to add the new record to your account. Address without a corresponding name will not be added.
Modify Use this button to modify the record as specified in the form fields.
Save Changes Click here to enter your new changes into systems.
Cancel Clicking this button will not make any change in your account and will take you back to your main account page.
Reset Clicking this button will reset the form to its original state when the page was first displayed.
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