HELP! My domain expired have I lost my domain?
No, click here to get it reactivated: RENEW MY EXPIRED DOMAIN

When I register, how long does my registration last?
You can choose to register your domain for any period between one and ten years.

I need help setting up URL Forwarding in my Control Panel, can you help me with the settings?
Here is a new Quick Reference which shows settings that will work for most everyone. I suggest that you print this page out and use it as an example to make your changes, however, if you are still confused, we are happy to help, just email us at Here is another control panel link that gives more info as well.

When I setup my email forwarding, can I forward everything to one address?
Yes by placing an "*" in the Username it forwards anything and everything to the forwarding address. Here is an example showing email setup giving examples of forwarding. We do not offer POP3, just forwarding.

What if you guys go out of business, what happens to my domains?
We utilize the registration services and are fully supported by eNom, (ICANN approved) and your domains are maintained on their servers. By agreement, in the unlikely event that anything should happen to your domains would remain secure and fully accessible through eNom. So rest assured that you are in good hands.

Can I transfer my current domain name to It is presently at Network Solutions.
YES! Just click on front page transfer link. Transfers are the same price as new registrations and are charged upon completion of the transfer of your domain to us. When you transfer, the additional time is added onto your existing expiration date, so you NEVER lose the time that you have already paid for. (Some registrars will not release your domain if it is close to expiration, so don't wait.)

I tried transferring my domain to you, but I never heard anything else, what happened?
When you initiate a transfer, for security, our system can only send the verification email to the email address that is listed in the whois data for your domain. This is the same for all registrars. If this email address is no longer functional, you will need to update it at the present registrar, then after the whois data is updated, you will be able to receive the verification emails and it should go through fine. Here's a place where you can check your whois record for all domains and registrars:

I have lots of domains, do you have any kind of reseller program?
Contact us at

Can I register a long filename here?
Absolutely. Names can have up to 67 characters (including the .com extension).

What are the "extras" that I get for free?
Briefly, you get unlimited URL Forwarding, 100 personalized email addresses and a control panel that gives you complete, real-time, control over your domain.

I registered, now how do I log into my Control Panel?
Ok, let's say for example you registered, you would go to User Log-in where is says: "Already registered with us? Log-in here to administer your domain!" and by "Domain:" type:, then by "Domain Password:" type the password you assigned when you registered, then click the grey "LOG-IN" button below and that's it!

Will my free services have advertising, popups or banners?
Absolutely not. As a matter of fact our service is transparent to your visitors.

Can I use URL Forwarding to send people anywhere?
Yes. Actually, one of the techniques that marketers use to increase traffic is to register a number of domains that all forward to the same place and then submit all of them to the search engines.

How long does it take before my URL Forwarding and email works?
After you register your domain, your information is immediately transmitted to VeriSign to be added to the root files, which are then propagated throughout the internet to the various nameservers. This entire process takes an average of 48 hours to complete and is the same for all registrars. After that, changes you make in your control panel should only take an hour or less to take effect, unless it involves changes to your nameserver settings, which will have to go through the propagation process again.

Does it matter if I register a .com or a .net? I've been told that .org is only for tax free organizations.
Originally, .org was intended to be used for an organization, but that is no longer a requirement, however .com and .net are used interchangeably. Now with the addition of .biz and .info you need to consider these, especially if you want to protect and insulate your online identity, but if you are only getting one domain, get the .com unless it is taken. Companies wanting to protect their domain names will register all iterations and sometimes even the hyphenated versions also.

Could a hacker steal my domain? That happens.
It has never happened here, however, for added assurance, you should check the Registrar Lock box in your control panel. This will prevent your domain from being moved without your knowledge.

Have a question that's not covered here? If it is more technical or concerns the control panel, look here, control panel. If it's still not covered, send an email to us at: and we'll respond right away.

Thank you for using our service.