Use the Paypal link at the bottom to renew.
You do not have to have a Paypal account to use this link and pay with a credit card. We'll get the domain reactivated right away. The renewal links stop working after the domain passes expiration and we cannot use the merchant account to accept your payment directly, so we setup this link and it works well :).

How much is the renewal?
If the domain is not over 29 days past the expiration date, we should be able to renew it for you without any penalty or extra charge, so just pay the normal fee. Since prices change, go to the front page and it shows the current prices

What if my domain is over 29 days days past the expiration?
After the initial "grace period", the domains enter "Redemption Period" and we cannot renew it for you, but it may be recovered by the registrant from Verisign (.com and .net) for a cost of $300. Send us an email and we'll send intructions on contacting the registry.

How long will it take for my domain to be back online?
If you were using the URL forwarding that we provide free with your registration, then your domain will be working again within minutes of when we get the name reactivated. If you were using different nameservers then we will immediately restore them to their previous settings and send the changes for update and propagation which usually takes 24-30 hours to complete and then your domain will again be working worldwide.

You say my domain is expired, but the whois shows that it doesn't expire for another year?
This is confusing if you're unfamiliar with the workings of the registry system. Here's what happens...on the day following the domain's expiration date, the TLD registry performs an auto-renewal of the domain and the registrar is charged by the registry for an additional year of registration and the expiration date is updated in the whois records to show an additional year. This permits the registrar to retain the domain and provide the registrant a "grace period" for renewal. The name is expired as far as you (the previous registrant) are concerned because you haven't actually paid for that renewal. After 29 days of "grace period" have passed without the domain being renewed by the registrant, then the registrar cancels the auto-renewal implemented by the registry, receives a refund for their auto-renewal payment, the additional year is removed from the expiration date and the domain name is purged by the registry from the TLD zone files and enters the next stage of the deletion process called the "Redemption Period". During "Redemption Period" the domain cannot be simply renewed by the registrar, but can be recovered by the TLD registry at greater cost (usually $300). After the 30 day "Redemption Period" has passed, the domain enters "Pending Delete" for 5 more days, during which it is unrecoverable, and is then purged from the TLD registry authoritative database (root files) and made available to anyone as a new registration. This is the same process that all registrars are subject to.nd your renewal to and it will come to us just like the link. Include the domain name you want renewed in the comments section.

What if I still have questions?.
Send us an email to, we respond quickly :)

Use the Buy Now button below to send your renewal payment. You can pay using either your credit card or Paypal.

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